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The Three Most Important Factors To Selling Your Home

The three most important factors to selling your home are price, location and marketing.  You also have to take into account competition and condition.


Prices in our area have been in a state of flux over the past several years. Of course everyone knows the oil spill disaster and mortgage crisis created the most recent extreme variance in pricing. This sudden price drop comes as a shock to the area, considering the steady rise in prices starting in ’05, when homeowners were forced to relocate following several hurricanes.


But things are starting to level off. And soon, if the local economists are correct about the resurgence of the oilfield economy and new developments along the river, we could actually begin to see a “tick up” in pricing.


That aside, what you don’t want to do is try to look into the crystal ball and price your home according to some future projection. If you want to sell your home, set the price in accordance with what the real estate market is doing in our area now. Those are the figures you need to deal with. Continue reading

A Brighter Future For Local Real Estate May Be In Just Around The River Bend!

Tuesday October 25, 2011 Dan Borne’, president of the Louisiana Chemical Association, addressed the Thibodaux Rotary Club. One topic of interest he brought out for our area was a brief look to the future of growth for the river parishes and our bayou region.


Dan made note of the fact that planned developments along the river by several companies could spell a revitalization of manufacturing in South Louisiana. The ready supply of natural gas and access to a major waterway has several companies looking to South Louisiana as the next manufacturing site.


This would mean a boom for housing along the river and a definite ripple effect for the Bayou Region. We would see a significant increase in Industrial, commercial and residential activity all along the Mississippi River corridor. 


A video of his presentation can be found at



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