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Are You Really Getting The Same Level Of Real Estate Service In Houma, LA?

Enough is enough! There is a trend that I am seeing today that concerns me. The trend? Let’s just call it “Bargaining for Business.”  And it’s happening more and more as people worry about home sales.


What is “Bargaining for Business?” It’s where home-owners call as many real estate companies as possible to negotiate a listing fee.


So what’s wrong with this picture? After all, we’re in a market driven profession. So what’s wrong with bargaining with companies for a lower fee?


Here is what most home owners don’t consider. First, they just look at the fee and think, “If I can just get them down on their commission, that’s more money in my pocket.”


Now, that’s a true statement. But at what cost to both the Broker and the homeowner.


Let’s look at a few facts. Continue reading


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