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Career Real Estate Agents Deserve More!

Attention Real Estate Sales Professionals.


If you’re ready to double, even triple your present income, then please read on…


Hi, I am Tiffany Rabalais, owner of Premiere Properties of the South in Houma, LA. And I’ve just created this video, for established sale consultants. Those with a proven track record of performance.


You know every year there are always a number of people entering the real estate sales profession. There were probably a number of individuals going through the same process as you, when you first started. And, although they come from diverse backgrounds, they all basically receive the same training to obtain their real estate sales license.


Even after that, most receive the same training from their respective agencies.  Contract law, listing and sales agreements. And for the most part, unless they encounter a unique problem, they are left to learn on their own.


Now some find the challenge of a commissioned real estate agent too demanding for one reason or another. And end up leaving the profession. Most that do stay typically become satisfied with average production. Enough to pay the bills. They try to live their sales-life as safe as possible. They never really reach their full potential.


Then there is a very small percentage that actually excel. Not just make a living, but actually set the stage to achieve a financial and professional level of success, they never experienced before.


If you’re like me, you’ve already asked the question. Why? Why is there such a difference in the results sales professionals get?


I asked that same question about my own production. You see, I was one of those individuals that did change my results. And have been fortunate to reap the rewards of achieving a high level of sales success. And as a result, I’m able to do those special things, and provide for my family at a level I never even dreamed of before in my old job.


Now I’d like to ask you a simple question. Have you positioned yourself to take full advantage of your highest earning and sales potential? If so congratulations. You’re one of the few who have. 


However, if you feel that you could do more, if you only had the right environment that would encourage you to excel way beyond your present results, take a look at this video.



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