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Attention Sales Professionals.


If you’re ready to double, even triple your present income, then you owe it to yourself to watch this video.


Hi, I am Tiffany Rabalais, owner of Premiere Properties of the South in Houma, LA.


And in this video, I want to talk to established sale consultants. Those with a proven track record of performance.


You know every year there are always a number of people entering the real estate sales profession.


There were probably a number of individuals going through the same process as you, when you first started.


And, although they come from diverse backgrounds, they all basically receive the same training to obtain their real estate sales license.


Even after that, most receive the same training from their respective agencies.  Contract law, listing and sales agreements. And for the most part, unless they encounter a unique problem, they are left to learn on their own.


Now some find the challenge of a commissioned real estate agent too demanding for one reason or another. And end up leaving the profession.


Most that do stay typically become satisfied with average production. Enough to pay the bills. They try to live their sales-life as safe as possible. They never really reach their full potential.


Then there is a very small percentage that actually excel. Not just make a living, but actually set the stage. To achieve a financial and professional level of success, they never experienced before.


If you’re like me, you’ve already asked the question. Why? Why is there such a difference in the results sales professionals get?


I asked that same question about my own production. You see, I was one of those individuals that did change my results. And have been fortunate to reap the rewards of achieving a high level of sales success.

And as a result, I’m able to do those special things, and provide for my family at a level I never even dreamed of before in my old job.


Now I’d like to ask you a simple question. Have you positioned yourself to take full advantage of your highest earning and sales potential?


Are you getting the support and advanced training that opens the door to opportunity at the highest levels of sales success?


Since I’ve founded Premiere Properties, I’ve learned success has a certain formula to it.  In other words…Success leaves tracks!


If you follow the formula, you have the greatest opportunity of achieving the level of sales success, you’ve dreamed of.


That’s why, even in this down economy, Premiere Properties’ continues to flourish.


But it doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a coordinated effort.


It takes the focused support of an experienced motivated staff.


It takes advanced training on goal setting, motivation and the inside secrets on how you actually program your mind for success. Or create the very habits that lead to doubt and limit the very success you desire.


You see I’ve found that achieving and maintaining a high level of sales success requires three important ingredients.


The support staff well versed in the demands of higher than average production.

The right training designed to help you discover the shortest possible path, to your true sales potential.


And the support of like-minded individuals who, like yourself, do not walk the same path as most. They are committed to achieving  a high level of production. And excellence in the real estate profession.


That’s why I’m talking to you and sales consultants like you. Because I believe Premiere Properties offers you a unique opportunity to go beyond your present results.


Maybe it’s our web-driven, private training portal, that puts sales information, training audios and videos at your finger-tips 24 hours a day. And provides you with proven sales templates for just about any need.


Or maybe it’s our innovative marketing strategy that combines extensive online and offline marketing. Utilizing audio, video and print media in a unified strategy. To put our listings in front of prospective buyers when they are emotionally motivated to buy.


But I’m just scratching the surface on everything Premiere has to offer. Call me at 985-223-1777 or email me at, and let’s arrange a private, confidential meeting to discuss the opportunities waiting for you here at Premiere Properties of the south.


Thank You! 




Tiffany Rabalais-Owner/Broker

Premiere Properties of The South
204 Mystic Blvd - Houma, LA 70360
Office (985) 223-1777
Licensed in the State of Louisiana