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For years I’ve had people who were thinking about building their new home ask me about what’s involved in new construction in Houma, LA. Some heard it was the way to go. Others heard it was a nightmare. So, naturally, everyone wants to know all about it if they are planning on building from scratch.


Now I’ve done my best to try to explain the whole process because we’ve had a lot of experience with new construction here at Premiere Properties.


But this year, all of that has changed. This year, I’m the one building a new home. That’s right I will be doing a new construction in Houma, LA.


So what I’ve decided to do is take you through the whole process, let you see everything. I am going to video the whole step by step process from the planning stage to the actual construction, all the way to the day we move in.


The new construction videoing will be done on site, unedited, unrehearsed, just as it happens. They’ll be noise in the background, people nailing, lumber being cut, the whole thing. Because that’s what happens on a new construction site.


In between all of that chaos, we’ll take a look behind the scenes at what goes in to quality construction. The things you really need to be on the look-out for it you’re planning on building a new home.


Be sure to check back weekly, if not sooner, to see any new post and videos we’ll be adding on my new construction in Houma, LA.


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