New Construction In Houma LA | Part 6 | Framing | Houma LA


It’s been a while since our last posts, but it spite of all the torrential downpours we’ve been having in South Louisiana, our crew has managed to get our new construction in Houma framed and ready for the next phase.


People usually get real excited at this stage because the house has literally risen from the ground up in only a few weeks. In truth, the framing stage usually appears to be the fastest stage. Once we start with the brick work, exterior trim work and interior of the home, things will naturally start to slow down due to the nature of the work. Finish work takes time.


In the present stage the walls are framed, the ceiling joist and rafters are installed and the roof has been decked and the felt paper installed. Also the entire house has been wrapped in a moisture/vapor barrier.


The house is now ready for the roofing shingles to be installed and for the plumber, electrician and HVAC contractor to all complete their rough-in stage. Actually, the plumber needs to run the vent pipes through the roof and install the necessary roof flanges so the roofers can shingle around them.


After the rough-ins are completed and the shingles are on so the house so it can be sealed against the elements, the insulation and other energy saving features can be completed. Then the house will be ready for the next phase.


In my next post, I’ll take you inside the walls and show you how they are constructed. And what’s installed so the framing members meet the high-wind code for South Louisiana.  


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