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Houma LA Real Estate – Thankful For Our Freedom!

While most of us spend today enjoying family and friends, I hope we all take time to reflect back on the sacrifices many have made to make these moments possible.


Freedom is an important word that can mean many things. We often take the freedom to express ourselves in language, in music even in politics for granted. But it’s not a given.


Even as I write this, people all around the world are fighting for the hope, promise and rewards of freedom.


Here in America one of the biggest rewards of our freedom, is our ability to own a home. We can see from the housing crunch over the last several years, this is not a given either, it has to be planned.


As we near the bottom of this housing crunch, we see the other side starting to emerge. Never, in recent times, has there been such as opportunity for home ownership as now. Prices in a good part of the country are lower now than ever.


Even in the areas of the country that have traditionally held prices well, such as our area, we are seeing home prices at the lowest they’ve been in years. Now the question most people naturally ask is “will it last?”


That answer’s simple. No! Even now we can see market indicators that tell us we’ve reached the bottom and there is only one way left to go…up!


Those that don’t take advantage of this rare opportunity was be kicking themselves in the weeks, months and years ahead. And once the prices start to climb, they will continue to do so for a while.


You should realize that any improvement in our economy is dependent on energy. Jobs, industry, business all rely on energy to get the economy up and moving forward. And when you consider where this energy will come from, you must consider our area.


Even now, we can see the signs of the oilfield coming back to life. Companies are hiring labor. And that means they will again be filling contracts and growing. Companies that remained here begin to grow and companies that left begin to move back into the area. All needing a place to live and work. All looking for Houma, LA real estate!


If there was ever a time to take advantage of Houma, LA real estate, the time is now. As you enjoy your holiday, give some thought to the future. If you’ve thought about home ownership then the time has come to act on that thought. If not now…when?


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