New Construction In Houma, LA – Part 9 – Energy Efficiency | Houma LA

In this segment of our new construction coverage, we learn more about how to make new construction in Houma LA more energy efficient. Karen Dillard is a Louisiana and National Certified Energy Rater (energy efficiency expert).




In this segment, Karen is going to show us how a contractor can start the process of making our new construction energy efficient. Depending on the size of your home, making your new construction energy efficient can put hundreds if not thousands of dollars back in your pocket in energy cost savings.


As Karen explains, if you’re going to make your home energy efficient, you need to begin in the framing stage by sealing where the sole plate (bottom plate) meets the slab. This can be done in one of two ways. Karen explains both.


Next, Karen explains the right way of framing your windows to help make them energy efficient by sealing out air leaks. She also stresses the need to be sure to seal the area around the windows with foam insulation, designed for windows.


As framing progresses, she will give us additional tips on how to make new construction energy efficient.


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