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Are You Really Getting The Same Level Of Real Estate Service In Houma, LA?

Enough is enough! There is a trend that I am seeing today that concerns me. The trend? Let’s just call it “Bargaining for Business.”  And it’s happening more and more as people worry about home sales.


What is “Bargaining for Business?” It’s where home-owners call as many real estate companies as possible to negotiate a listing fee.


So what’s wrong with this picture? After all, we’re in a market driven profession. So what’s wrong with bargaining with companies for a lower fee?


Here is what most home owners don’t consider. First, they just look at the fee and think, “If I can just get them down on their commission, that’s more money in my pocket.”


Now, that’s a true statement. But at what cost to both the Broker and the homeowner.


Let’s look at a few facts. First, today’s regional housing market is not on fire as in years past. Houses are staying on the market longer. And it is taking more effort to market these homes and attract prospective buyers. Marketing that costs money…real dollars!


Another consideration is agent incentive. You want as many agents as possible, even the ones from other companies, trying to sell your home. Lower commission rates could mean less incentive, from other companies, to try and produce a buyer for your home.   


Many agents have agreements with buyers as well, that they be paid a certain fee. If the amount you are offering to other brokers (co-brokers also known as buyer’s agents) does not fulfill the contract the buyer agent has with their buyer, your home may not be one the buyer is willing to look at because of extra out of pocket expenses to them to make up the difference owed.


The typical homeowner might not realize is “Bargaining for Business,” might actually end up shrinking their potential buying market.  Thus, their house remains on the market longer. They will probably be more app to have to negotiate price, and may actually walk away with less money in their pocket.


What the savvy homeowner should be paying attention to, when looking for the right real estate company to represent them, are the services they’re getting for their money. How is the perspective real estate company going to market their home? Which media are they going to use? How often?  What other marketing outlets do they employ?


According to the National Association of Realtors, when you hire the right agent you should earn about 16% more, even after you pay professional fees.  So…you might just find that the old cliché rings true. “You will get what you pay for”!  So, why not go with the right agent, and get MORE! 




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