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For Sale By Owner: Consider Repairing It First!

In today’s real estate market, the for-sale-by-owner needs as much help as they can get. The sooner they realize they have one chance to make that fantastic first impression with a buyer, the quicker a sale might come their way.


After all, home buyers in the market today are walking on egg shells. Some realize, now is truly the time to buy. Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been since, well… the last century. The smart buyers that realize this is a buyer’s market are usually the ones that have already purchased a home in the past.


But the newer home buyers and the buyers that are moving into new areas for work are cautious, very cautious about a home-sale. Everyone hears the horror stories about bank repossessions and disappearing home equity.


Now it’s the job of the for-sale-by-owner to somehow motivate these cautious buyers in purchasing their home. No small task for the seasoned real estate agent, let alone the for-sale-by-owner.


But here is a tip that will go a long way toward presenting your home in its best light. Consider a complete home assessment. By this I mean take a real hard look at your home. Try to see it from someone else’s perspective. It might even be a good time to invite someone over to walk around your home with you and tell you what they see.


Look for items that need immediate repair and by all means, fix them! Look for the obvious. Look for sections of rotted wood in the soffit and fascia areas, especially at the corners. Look for areas of rotted wood around the bottom of exterior door and garage door casings. Check the bottom of your exterior doors, are they rusty or rotten?  Are your shutters damaged or missing?  Also, look for damaged and missing roof shingles.


These are red flags that tell a perspective buyer there may be even more problems with the home they can’t see.  Give your home every opportunity to pass that first test with a buyer and make a good first impression.


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