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For Sale By Owners: Another Hot Tip – The Windows

Granted, most people would just pass this by and not give this little tip another thought. But remember, if you are trying to sell your house yourself, you need anything and everything that might give you a competitive sales edge.


Here is a little known tip I’ve picked up through the years that goes a long way with buyers, especially the wives. In addition to washing the exterior of your home, try removing your screens and showing your home without them. That is, remove your window screens and spend some time getting your windows to shine, absolutely sparkle.


Sparkling windows sets a home off and makes the exterior of the home look exceptionally clean.  When the buyer drives by to see the home they are greeted with an exceptionally clean exterior. Their typical first thoughts? If the outside is this well-kept, the inside must be too! It makes a great first impression and can very well lead to that all important call to see the inside of your home.


The windows are the eyes of your home, make sure they shine.  And remember, a clean house is a happy house!


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