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Should You Stage Your Houma LA Home For Sale?

Just how important is staging to marketing and selling your Houma LA home? Many people, including real estate agents, really don’t understand the full impact of proper staging. It can be a deal breaker if not given priority status in the marketing of the home.


For instance. In 2008 84% of people looked online for their next home. Given the continued use of online services, and now mobile marketing, that number has probably taken a big jump upward since that time. As a matter of fact, in that same time period 32% of those who actually purchased a home, began that process by viewing homes online. Again, it’s a safe assumption that number has increased dramatically over the years.


So what do these figures mean? And what does it have to do with staging a home?


First, let’s define staging in simple terms. It means getting your home ready to sell. Doing the washing, cleaning, painting, repairs and reasonable updating to present your home in its best light and make it attractive to a perspective buyer.


But the information age has put a new twist on that. People are viewing your home online first, way before they even see it in person (if they ever do). The camera or video catches everything. And the perspective buyer can replay sections of your home over and over again.


So how do you get your home to look its best on camera? Here are some simple suggestions to put your home’s best foot forward.


On the exterior, consider at least washing the home. And if you have any scaling or peeling paint, consider painting. Remember, a perspective buyer will see the exterior of your home first, whether they’re looking online or riding through your neighborhood.


Oh and people don’t really want to look over or around all of that stuff that has accumulated in your yard, to see the home. Pick everything up and store it away, nice and neat.


Be sure to take care of any rotting wood. This is common with older homes. Pay close attention to the areas at the base of doorframes, around windows, and where the exterior boxing (soffit) meets the fascia board. A little repair work here tells the buyer the home has been well maintained.


Next be sure to have everything picked up and stored away when people come to see the interior of the home. Again, appearance is everything. And with each step a buyer takes through your home, they’re creating an image in their mind about the home. You want that first image to be a positive one. That’s where the deal is either made or lost.


Consider lighting an aromatherapy candle before people come to view your home. Smell has huge impact on the image people create. It can bring back some great memories and give people the sense that this is a good place to create new ones.


Be sure to talk to your real estate agent about staging. We consider it so important we created a special video for our sellers that gives more detail about staging.


Remember, if most perspective buyers are looking online first for a house for sale in Houma, LA- give them a reason to want to make the appointment to take a closer look. You may not get another chance!


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