I swear she never sleeps!

With three little girls sharing two rooms we knew we needed a bigger house. It wasn’t our first rodeo selling a home to purchase a new one but we still didn’t know who to call or how to go about it. We were searching online at houses and clicked a link that would email an agent about the house…   We emailed a few… Joni called us with in the hour. Guided us to the next step in our journey of selling our home. It started off exciting and promising.. Then it was a roller coaster with the buyers. Through it all Joni was there for us. I could call her with questions, even tho I knew they were silly, she answered them and reassured me it would all work out. It did! We sold our house and were finally ready for the next step… Finding the right home for our family of five… I think we toured every home on the market… Joni was there… Emailing me links of new houses that came on the market.. Texting back and forth questions and concerns. I swear she never sleeps! Finally we found a house that as soon as we walked in I knew this is where I needed to be and where I wanted to raise my kids… Joni helped us and guided us to making the right decisions on negotiations. We got the house for what we wanted and Joni handled the rest for us! She make the whole process of buying and selling so much easier. She walked us through each step of the journey as we went. Towards the end with our closing date coming up, I realized I hadn’t texted or talked to Joni in days! So I texted “how are you doing?” Cause it felt so weird that a person I spoke to daily for months was towards the bottom of my text messages. Not only was she our real estate agent, she became a family friend. My girls still talk about “the house lady” and how they miss her. Joni is a honest and good person and she gets the job done!!!! Selling your house or finding you a home. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us through our journey!!! Thanks for everything!!!


Tiffany Rabalais

Tiffany Rabalais


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