The two of you are life savers.

Dear Missy,
I want to let you know how much you mean to us. Without your help we would not have gotten our new home. We love it. Even though it is an older home we still love it. When the loan fell through at the bank you were able to put us in touch with Nathan. The two of you are life savers. Two smart cookies.
I want to thank you for the gift card from Olive Garden. I just love that restaurant. It has already been used. It was a sweet gesture. If we ever need a realtor again I will call you. I will certainly let others know about yo. I hope to never move again. You know the work. So much stuff.
We moved in the Saturday before Christmas. We had Moosa Movers move us. They did a great job. They moved all of the furniture and big stuff. They had us moved in 3.5 hours. The man that owns Moosa lives 2 blocks from us.
I hope you had a blessed Christmas and New Year.


Tiffany Rabalais

Tiffany Rabalais


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